Praise for Psychoetry

"Wohlmuth knows what he’s writing about — This warm and insightful book offers an overview of parenting children from infancy through adolescence. Chapter topics range from separation anxiety and trust, to bullying and loss, important topics in the life of a developing child."

Psych Central Book Review, August 2016

"…a short and sweet book with sound insights and advice for parenting from infancy to school-age children. The poems go to the heart of the matter so that parents will be able to remember and connect to the information. His light, easy, and honest approach makes this book useful and a potential go-to for parents and child therapists alike."

CAMFT Book Reviews, July 2015

"We finally had a chance to review your book and liked it very much.  Psychoetry is a sweet read that touches on many of the important aspects of parenting which many people may not consider on their own. It addresses specific ways to approach raising children that will help parents throughout all the stages of their kids' lives. We are adding Psychoetry to our Recommended Parenting Books under General Parenting."

Audrey Krisbergh, Director, The Center for Parenting Education

"I have read it several times now and find I'm more impressed with each reading. It's really a beautiful, unique, work of art! Your linking of poetry together with child development as a vehicle for communicating to parents how to cope with their child is beyond compare. You make parenting a joyful adventure filled with love and caring."

 Claude Hill, Ph.D., Executive Director, Parkhill School, Los Angeles, CA

"More wisdom, charm, knowledge, wit, compassion poured out of this well written book, than I ever received in my past 65 years. My only sadness was I wanted more! Perhaps a sequel into adulthood, for all of us whose parents didn't have the benefit of your book, and sadly when we became parents, did not have the benefit of your guidance."

Ms. Ellen Fry, Grandmother

"I recently picked up a copy of Brian Wohlmuth’s Psychoetry. I found it to be informative and educational with a flair of humor, which made it fun to read. As a parent and grandparent I found it to be a quick study on many of the challenges new parents will experience. After reading it, I purchased additional copies for my two daughters. It is a book I recommend."
Richard Markota, Grandfather